VietShrimp 2018: The presence of the “big guys”

In 2017, Vietnam’s shrimp industry continued to record success when it contributed 46% to the value of seafood export turnover. Bringing that success cannot fail to mention the leading corporations and enterprises that have always been the locomotive in applying technology and technical advances in production and business… The “big guys” of this seafood industry are also converged in the upcoming Vietnam Shrimp Industry Technology Expo 2018 (VietShrimp 2018) in Bac Lieu.

Minh Phu Group

Minh Phu Seafood Group Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Minh Phu Private Enterprise, was established in 1992 with a capital of 120 million VND. After 25 years of development, Minh Phu has become the biggest name in Vietnam’s seafood industry. After a quarter of a century, although there are still many challenges, Minh Phu has also achieved proud achievements: Being the world’s largest shrimp producer – processor – exporter (Undercurrent News 2016). ); Top 50 largest seafood enterprises in the world for 3 consecutive years (Undercurrent News 2014 – 2016). In the coming time, Minh Phu will complete a comprehensive closed shrimp value chain, stabilize input materials, and provide the market with the best and highly competitive products with different inclusive values. , towards 4 goals: food safety, environmental protection, social security and animal welfare.

Uni-President Vietnam

Established in 1999 in Binh Duong, Uni-President Vietnam Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of aquatic feed, animal feed, flour, instant noodles and beverage. The company has quickly achieved many successes and gradually developed strongly, especially in the field of seafood. From an aqua feed factory in Binh Duong, up to now, Uni-President has had many facilities in Tien Giang, Ninh Thuan, Quang Nam, Nha Trang, Hai Phong, Quang Tri, to meet market demand. nationally and regionally. At present, the company’s products are very diverse, and the distribution system is widespread throughout the provinces and cities throughout the country. Up to now, the Company has 14 production lines for shrimp feed and 4 production lines for fish feed. At the same time, Uni-President Vietnam has always maintained its position as one of the major “logistics” enterprises and made a significant contribution to Vietnam’s seafood industry.

C.P. Vietnam

Inheriting a solid foundation from C.P Group. Thailand, more than 20 years of investment in Vietnam, C.P Livestock Joint Stock Company. Vietnam is constantly improving its operational capacity, expanding its market, quickly affirming its brand name in the field of feed production, breeding, and farming techniques. Customer success is the foundation for the C.P brand. Vietnam is more and more confirmed in the market.

C.P. Vietnam is currently focusing on the main spearheads of food, seed and technology. About the breed: C.P. Vietnam is committed to providing adequate quantities and bringing to the market PL12 shrimp with 100% clean quality. About feed: Will use current food production technology with the latest and most modern machinery system today. In 2017, C.P’s shrimp feed ranks first in both quality and quantity in the Vietnamese market. The process of “Raw 3 clean shrimp farming”: This process has been applied by Thai shrimp farmers very successfully and with high efficiency. Helping shrimp farming achieve high productivity, reducing the number of ponds but not reducing the harvested shrimp output (farming less but still harvesting a lot); The process consists of 3 elements: clean shrimp seed, clean water and clean pond bottom.

Thang Long

As a 100% foreign-invested enterprise, Thang Long Biotechnology Co., Ltd. started from a factory in Long An with 2 production lines, now the company has expanded 2 more factories in Khanh Hoa and Binh Duong with 9 shrimp feed production lines and 3 fish feed production lines, with a capacity of 250,000 tons/year; shrimp hatchery in Ninh Thuan province with a capacity of 2 billion seed/year; a factory for the production of probiotics; 3 experimental farming areas in Ninh Thuan, Long An and Ben Tre. Along with that, the unit also established a company in Malaysia, invested in building and putting into operation a feed factory and hatchery in India in 2018. Thang Long has achieved the fast and strong development as it is today because the Company is always consistent in the strategy of “Harmony of interests and interests between 3 houses: Factory – Distributor – Farmer”. This has helped Thang Long from a company with an output of less than 10,000 tons/year in 2011 and within 6 years, to 250,000 tons of aqua feed in 2017, an increase of 23% compared to 2016. ; bringing Thang Long into the ranks of large aqua feed production enterprises in Vietnam.

Skretting Vietnam

As a member of the Skretting Group, since 2010, Skretting Vietnam has incorporated the Group’s culture into all of its activities – from research and procurement of raw materials to products and services. fisheries. As a leading aqua feed company in Vietnam, with a strong and widespread presence in many key markets, Skretting Vietnam has been leading the way in innovation for many years. , from expanding cooperation to sharing information to optimize growth opportunities. With the experience and knowledge of individuals in Vietnam combined with the Fisheries Research Center in Norway, Skretting Vietnam has achieved remarkable success. In 2017, Skretting put into operation a new shrimp feed factory in Long An with a large scale in Southeast Asia, along with customer care services; introduced and successfully applied The Semi-biofloc farming process to customers; cooperate in research to create quality products for shrimp farmers.

Duong Hung

As an enterprise specializing in the production and trading of shrimp seed, raising commercial black tiger shrimp and vannamei shrimp for more than 20 years; Duong Hung Aquatic Breeds Co., Ltd. always connects with farmers, especially coastal aquaculture farmers by providing seed, feed, transferring science and technology and treating shrimp diseases.

With the motto “Corporate life has to grow up must also originate from the development of the life of farmers in the homeland”, Duong Hung always attaches importance to the words “Mind” and “Trust” in production and business. . Currently, Duong Hung shrimp seed is present from Ba Ria – Vung Tau to most of the Mekong Delta provinces with the number of tens of thousands of customer partners. Not only providing a source of quality, disease-free shrimp seed, creating high farming efficiency; the enterprise also cooperates with other production units to invest in building a biosafe shrimp farming model, transferring science and technology to people in Bac Lieu; Since then, it has expanded to many other locations.

In addition to prioritizing investment in production, the Company also focuses on stabilizing the lives of workers and technicians, building nearly 5,000 m22 area of ​​housing, collective canteen , living and meeting rooms…

Thien Ly